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Blog: Born to Write 

Sequel to DREAMSVILLE Will Continue Storyline in 1960s Florida

The magical word "sequel" was first mentioned by an editor at Simon & Schuster last fall, a mere three weeks after Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women's Literary Society arrived at book stores. This was a good sign because it meant the pre-sales and early sales figures were very strong. I was just starting my book tour, however, and trying to cope with a tragic death in my family. I didn't even want to hear the word "sequel." The word kept coming up again and again during the winter and spring. Finally, my writer's instincts took over and I started puttering around with ideas. Miss Dreamsville, which was inspired by a real person, is about a middle-aged woman who turns the sleepy Southern town of Naples, Florida upside-down when she arrives with her family from Boston in 1962. The sequel, Good Night Peggy Sue, Wherever You Are, will feature the same delicious characters, plus a few new ones. The storyline will pick up one year after Miss Dreamsville ends. I've got a good start on it already and I must say, it's awfully nice to spend time in Dreamsville again with my beloved characters. I never know what they're going to do next.