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 Born to Write
 A Blog by Author Amy Hill Hearth

In Praise of School Librarians

I no longer remember her name, but I so clearly recall her voice. "Amy, I have something special for you," she would say in a tone that can be described only as joyful. She would hurry to her desk where she had put aside a book just for me. She was the school librarian  Read More 

Let Life Surprise You

There is a pattern to my life that goes something like this: If I try really hard at something, I fall flat on my face. But once I've thrown up my hands and just live my life, great stuff happens. This has been true in my career as well as my personal life. At  Read More 

No Jewelry, Stop Kicking Your Foot, and Don't Let Your Stomach Growl! (Adventures in Digital Audio 'Recording')

I got the call a few weeks ago: My publisher wanted to do a digital audio version of my novel, "Miss Dreamsville." Did I want to read it, or should they hire an actress? I decided to read it myself. A 250-300 page book takes about twelve hours to read. (A doorstopper, such as  Read More 

Words Used Too Casually Lose Their Meaning

Words Used Too Casually Lose Their Meaning

A bad day at work is not a catastrophe. If your hair looks crappy it is not a crisis. Locking yourself out of your house is a nuisance or an annoyance, but it is not a disaster. This is what I call word inflation: Words that are  Read More