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Recent Media

Chicago Tribune interview about the Delany Sisters:

Although this dates to 2018, this is a particular favorite of mine, an interview by Chris Jones, theatre writer and critic for the Chicago Tribune. The headline is, "What would the Delany sisters think of 2018?" The interview coincided with a production of the theatrical adaptation of Having Our Say at the Goodman Theatre.

Newark Airport Book-signing, 2023:

Photo by Blair Hearth.

I had an extraordinary opportunity to do a book-signing at an airport! Newark Airport has 25,000 employees, and I think I met them all, not to mention all the travelers, especially a planeload from Berlin who were fascinated by a novel about the Jersey Shore in 1916. A fun and memorable day.

Amy featured on Mo Rocca's "Mobituaries" Podcast

"CBS This Morning" correspondent Mo Rocca and Amy at CBS studios in New York. Photo Copyright A.H. Hearth.

Video: Interview of Amy, Warwick's Bookstore, San Diego

Video: 2023 Interview of Amy, Cuyahoga County (Cleveland area) Library:

Radio: Amy on NPR Affiliate KUT - Austin:

Two-part interview about Elizabeth Jennings (Graham).

Video clip: Barnes & Noble, Union Square Manhattan: