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 Born to Write
 A Blog by Author Amy Hill Hearth

Slasher Movies Are Not for Me

I can't watch scary movies, especially the "slasher" ones Hollywood is producing today. I'm far too sensitive and empathetic to watch them. The last scary movie I went to see was "Halloween" - the 1978 film with Jamie Lee Curtis - and I'm not over it yet. I'm not kidding. I still have dreams about it sometimes. To some people, this means it was a "good" movie, so well-crafted that it scared people half to death, which is what the film, after all, set out to do. But frankly I'd prefer not to be traumatized when I go to the movies, thank you very much. "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" - and anything with Bela Lugosi in it - are more my speed, and I suspect there are many people out there who would agree!