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One Author's Life 

Inspiration from Sculpture

Writers find inspiration from other art forms. Visiting art museums, attending live theater and musical performances, watching a classic movie - all provide nourishment (and a healthy diversion) for the creative mind. At this point in my new book project I am especially intrigued by sculpture. So far I've written about 24,000 words - about one-third, or one-quarter of a typical book -of my new novel, a sequel to "Miss Dreamsville." I printed out what I'd written and spent two days making notes and little edits in the margins. As I molded, tweaked, added, removed, and finally stepped back, exhilarated that the book had begun to seem like an actual book as opposed to an idea in my head, I kept thinking of sculptors such as Edmonia Lewis. The process is much the same. I have a long way to go, and my manuscript is still very much a lump of clay or stone, but it is a joy to watch it take shape, little by little.