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Born to Write: A Blog by Amy Hill Hearth

What Role Does Luck Play in a Successful Career?

What is luck? And how important is it? I keep running into people who claim that we make our own luck in this world, but I think that's too simplistic. Some stuff just happens, that's all. Call it luck, or call it God's will. And yet, at the same time, I have observed many people who have been handed a blessing and don't act upon it. They don't open the door, so to speak, when opportunity comes knocking. These are the type of people who always have a reason why they shouldn't do something, rather than why they should. Lucky breaks do have a way of coming along at inconvenient times. That has certainly been true in my life. The key is to recognize them and seize the moment. Don't wait around for the next one, because it may never come.