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Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters

Published in July 2008 by Doubleday

In January 2008, I was asked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be the co-author of this book, her first. I had several other projects in the works but as a person who dearly loves American history, I couldn't say no to the first woman Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. I traveled to Washington and met with her in New York as well.

The book is intended to inspire and encourage women with a thought-provoking collection of wise words -- her own and those of the important people who played pivotal roles in her journey. She encourages mothers and grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters to never lose faith, to speak out and make their voices heard, to focus on what matters most and to follow their dreams wherever they may lead.


"Readers will appreciate the spirit, the sincerity, and the context of the message delivered by one of the most powerful women in the nation."

Publisher's Weekly:
"[A] graceful personal and political history...A gentle account from a tough politician."

This book was a New York Times political bestseller. It is also available as a paperback published by Anchor.