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One Author's Life

How to Show Support for Your Favorite Authors

I don’t have a new book coming out on the Spring or Summer schedule but I know many, many authors who do. A word on their behalf: There are ways you can help.
1) Pre-order the book. Publishers factor in the number of pre-orders when deciding on the print-run and preparing a book tour budget. The more pre-orders, the better.
2) Don't buy a book second-hand. You may save yourself a buck or two, but remember that the author receives no royalties.
3) Buy the book in paper. Depending on a lot of factors which are too complex to mention here, many authors currently receive less money for an electronic book than a paper book.
4) Post a review (an honest, fair-minded review) on Amazon,, Goodreads, and other online sites.
5) If you love the book, buy a second copy for a friend rather than loaning it.
6) “Like” the author’s Facebook professional page and subscribe to her newsletter if she has one.
Some of these tips may be obvious; others, not. I'm writing this because I know authors who are really struggling. Some of them are young writers who are just getting started! It's important for our culture that they stay in the game.
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