Manuscript and Publishing Consultation for Private Clients

The publishing industry has never been easy to decipher. The reality is that it is becoming harder, not easier, to break in. A writer needs an agent but it is nearly impossible to find one. Even if a writer is accepted for representation by a quality agency, many first-rate writing projects fail to find a publisher.

One alternative is self-publishing, but it is important for writers to understand what they are giving up by going in that direction.

Many freelance writers offer editorial services. Some do a good job of getting manuscripts edited and ready for the marketplace. Most lack something very fundamental, however: They arenít published authors. They are giving advice when they have little or no hands-on, personal experience.

I know how to shape a book project so that it has greater potential to attract attention. I know what is current, and what is not. While there are no guarantees, I can increase the likelihood that your book will sell to traditional publishers, Hollywood producers, and the buying public.

Iíve been published by Simon & Schuster, Doubleday, Harper Collins and Random House, among others, and Iíve been represented by William Morris Agency (now William Morris Endeavor Entertainment) since 1991. I am a New York Times bestselling author and an American Library Association ďNotable BookĒ and Peabody Award winner. I have Broadway and television credentials, too. I began my career as a journalist; I have 88 bylined stories in The New York Times. My tenth book was published this year (2018). I have written fiction, nonfiction, and oral history for middle-grade, Y/​A, and adult readers.

Manuscript consultation is something I love to do. I accept only a few clients per year, however, because each consultation takes about 20-25 hours away from my own writing projects. I charge a flat fee to read and study a manuscript of typical length and write a one-page commentary about the material Ė strengths, weaknesses, suggestions on genre and structure, and marketability. If I think itís worthy and marketable, for no additional fee I will show your manuscript to my publishing contacts in New York.

Sometimes a writer wishes to hire me to do more. When that is the case, an arrangement can be worked out, subject to my availability.

Contact me by using the link on the upper left side of this page. Let's get to work!