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Manuscript and Publishing Consultation for Private Clients

The publishing industry has never been easy to decipher. A writer needs an agent but it is nearly impossible to find one. Even if a writer is accepted for representation by a quality agency, many first-rate writing projects fail to find a publisher.

One alternative is self-publishing, but it is important for writers to understand what they are giving up by going in that direction.

Many freelance writers offer editorial services. Some do a good job of getting manuscripts edited and ready for the marketplace. Most lack something very fundamental, however: They aren’t published authors with contacts in the industry.

I charge a flat fee to read and study a manuscript of typical length and write a one-page commentary about the material – strengths, weaknesses, suggestions on genre and structure, and marketability. If I think it’s worthy and marketable, for no additional fee I will show your manuscript to my publishing contacts in New York.

Contact me by using the link on the upper left side of this page. Let's get to work.