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Welcome...from my desk to yours

I'm delighted to report that my latest book, Streetcar to Justice: How Elizabeth Jennings Won the Right to Ride in New York, has been chosen as an American Library Association Notable Book 2019. The book, written for ages 8 to adult, has been well-received, with starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus. 

Streetcar to Justice is the first biography of Elizabeth Jennings (Graham), a civil rights hero in the 19th century who was all-but-forgotten. This is the first time her full story was confirmed and documented. I located and studied original sources including lost newspapers from the 1830s. 


I didn't start out to write a book about her. I had been researching her story as a hobby of sorts for more than twenty years. Eventually I felt a responsibility to share what I had learned. She needed a book, so I wrote one.


I am glad to have played a major role in bringing attention to her, not just in New York but nationally. Streetcar to Justice even helped in the selection, in March 2019, of Elizabeth Jennings by the City of New York as one of four new statues of women. This is a dream come true!


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