Amy Hill Hearth

American Author of acclaimed historical fiction series, Miss Dreamsville, and New York Times Bestselling Author with the Delany Sisters of Having Our Say

Miss Dreamsville and the Lost Heiress of Collier County

Publication by Simon & Schuster's Atria Books Imprint on Sept. 8

Publisher's description:

"In this sequel to Amy Hill Hearth’s 'funny and charming' (Publishers Weekly) debut novel, Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women’s Literary Society, the eponymous book club reunites one year later, in the late summer of 1964.

"Their mission: to fight a large development along the tidal river where member Robbie-Lee grew up and where his mother, Dolores Simpson, a former stripper turned alligator hunter, still lives in a fishing shack.

"The developer is Darryl Norwood, ex-husband of narrator Dora Witherspoon, who returns to Collier County to assist in the battle. An old land deed, the discovery that one of the key characters has been using a false name, and a dramatic court hearing are just a few of the highlights. Not to mention the reappearance of the Ghost of Seminole Joe.

"Just as Hearth’s debut explored the ways we can find a sense of belonging in other people, her latest novel shows how closely tied each of us is to our sense of home—and the conflicts that can arise when our idea of that home becomes threatened. For Darryl, the river is a place ripe for development. For Dora, who’s known as the Turtle Lady because she rescues Everglades 'snappers,' it’s a place that belongs to the critters. And for Dolores, former stripper, it’s a place to hide from the world."

Chosen by Reader's Digest Book of the Month!

Reader's Digest has chosen Miss Dreamsville and the Lost Heiress of Collier County as a "Select Edition," to be released next year!

Early endorsements for the book:

“They’re back! Dora Witherspoon, Miss Dreamsville, and the gang. So rejoice—Amy Hill Hearth his written another beauty aimed right at your funny bone and your heart.”
-Peter Golden, author of Comeback Love

"In the mid-1960s, change comes slowly to Naples, Florida -- a small, Gulf Coast town on the edge of the Everglades. Miss Dreamsville and the Lost Heiress of Collier County is Amy Hill Hearth's latest episode about a book club composed of Naples' dreamers and misfits who see a better future but want to hold on to their slower, small-town way of life. Miss Dreamsville is an antic and heartfelt romp through family secrets and land developers' schemes, funny and warmhearted and a pleasure to read."
-- Ruth Pennebaker, co-author of Pucker Up! The Subversive Woman’s Guide to Aging with Wit, Wine, Drama, Humor, Perspective, and the Occasional Good Cry and author of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough