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Slasher Movies Are Not for Me

October 26, 2012

I can't watch scary movies, especially the "slasher" ones Hollywood is producing today. I'm far too sensitive and empathetic to watch them. The last scary movie I went to see was "Halloween" - the 1978 film with Jamie Lee Curtis - and I'm not over it yet. I'm not kidding. I still have dreams about (more…)

Book Tour: Observations on the Road

October 18, 2012

Book tours tend to be frantic, great fun and at times, exhausting. And yet, like most writers, I can't go from place to place without making observations along the way. Last week, for example, I was dead-dog tired, but I noticed the first frost of the year in bluegrass country, Lexington, Kentucky. Beautiful! At (more…)

Today is Pub Date!

October 2, 2012

October 2 used to sound like a long, long way in the future, but here it is: the publication date for my first novel, MISS DREAMSVILLE. I've heard other writers describe pub date as being like Christmas or your birthday, but I'd say it's more like graduating from college when you don't have a job (more…)